The Settlement of North Filey

Updated edition for online access

 © Dan Eaton May 2005


Dan Eaton has carried out an investigation into the hitherto little known excavation of land associated with St Oswald's Church, Filey in 1927 and the late 1950's.  In his report, he clarifies some very important information regarding the site of the medieval manor house of the Bucks, and an even earlier site of habitation.  Little is known about the area of Filey between the approximate period of about 400 AD to 1400 AD and Dan's report sheds light on what could be the basis of an investigation into a completely unknown site of habitation and a window onto new and uncharted knowledge.  As far as is known, the information that he has researched has not been published before now. Some small alterations to the report have been made to satisfy legal requirements.


The Filey Bay Research Group was involved in Dan's investigation and he has kindly given his permission for his report to be published on this site.  News of the developments of Dan's work will be made published as they occur.


L P Green December 2006

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