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"A cold February wind below grey scudding clouds blows over the rain scoured clay ploughed fields.  With a promise of snow, the fields at old Tom Smith’s farm are ready to give up their secrets. In the grey morning light, the rain has undercut and varnished little treasures to be found by the sharp eyed walker.  A Georgian Halfpenny, broken clay pipe stems discarded by a farm labourer all those years ago, a Victorian lead musket ball and a Greenstone axe head? never touched by human hands for thousands of years.

All reflect the river of life that has crossed over the land.  Land that has been claimed in ownership by numerous individuals who have only been, or will ever be -  temporary custodians."  AG

The Field Walker

As a fundamental part of our Maritime community, BHR1779 has wider interests beyond the  Battle of Flamborough Head and promoting the anniversary of the famous battle.  Its work includes the wider aspects of our rich Heritage and Culture in Filey. Here we showcase some of these interests and including some relating to the Filey's link with Calvert County, USA.

Researching the Battle of Flamborough Head, including the Maritime and Terrestrial History of Filey and its Culture and Environment - Knowledge thorough perseverance
Now, The Filey Bay 1779 Research Group Limited (BHR1779)
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