The title of this page has been taken from a general interest feature in the old Filey News, a local newspaper and advertiser that was edited by one, Lister Reekie from offices at 44 Rutland Street and thence from No.1 The Crescent,  Filey.  The paper was published weekly, priced at one penny and ran from 1930 and was certainly running in the 1950's, when it was published by Mrs Lister Reekie from 20. Hope Street, Filey and priced at two pence, we understand that the paper was sold and became the Filey Mercury.  It was the mouthpiece of the Community then as the Internet is today and we are proud to air this title once again. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE LAST EDITION FOR US TO HAVE A LOOK AT?, if so please contact us.

On this page will appear odds and ends and snippets of general interest, some of which do not fall into specific categories and in no specific order - in other words, a publisher's nightmare!



Filey Town guide

The Filey Town Guide - 2020/21

This new version of the Town Guide has now been published and again is packed with a wide range of invaluable information and features that are beautifully illustrated.  The Guide has been funded purely from advertisements and donations  collected from various outlets and produced by the Town Guide Working Party who are a group of volunteers who devote their free time to gather information, articles and photographs of interest for future publications.

Once again, well done the Committee and this site supports their splendid efforts.

to get you copy, contact Filey Town Council, Council Offices, Queen Street, Filey, North Yorkshire.  Tel: 01723 514498. 

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