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Peter Pritchard - Pritchard Diving Consultancy

Peter Pritchard, of Pritchard Diving Services  is now the Consultant in Maritime and Terrestrial Archaeology.  Now retired, he provides support to Filey Bay 1779. For a number of years Peter has overseen and regulated local and multi national  investigations into our important underwater cultural heritage in Filey Bay.  He is the author of the Review and Evaluation of Survey Works for the Filey Bay Project.  Further details of his qualifications and experience are shown below.

  Peter Pritchard dressing a diver  
  Peter Pritchard dressing a diver  

Brief resume of diving experience:-

 1973; Qualified as Navy Diver experience in SAR/Scuba/SDDE/Standard Dress/In water/ Surface  Decompression Protocols. Basic tools, cutting & Explosive disposal.

 1974; Initial contractual work on SPM- Solus/Risdom Beasley using air saturation techniques.

 1974; Ijmegen, Holland-Risdom Beasley clearance of explosive ordnance from sunken lighters & barges.

 1975 - 1977; BAD course National Police Training School, Sunderland.

 Qualified in Scuba/SDDE to 50m/use of SDE’s basic tools, air lifts, bags etc.

(later designated HSE part III & IV approved course) Followed by specialist training

in applied U/W photography and sample collection for forensic analysis.

 1980; Qualified as Diving Supervisor National Police Training  School.

 1981; Awarded Certificate of Competence D.O.W.R 1981

 1992; Registered Diving Contractor HSE No;-0058

 1999; Air/mixed gas Surface Supplied Diving Supervisor for all types /projects

 Presently Diving contractor and consultant for numerous organizations to list a few;

Royal Navy,(Northern Diving Group), Marine Coastguard Agency,(SCONI)

 National Geographic Magazine, Dept of the Interior (US National Parks Service),NOAA. English Heritage, Historic Scotland, CADW, Wessex Archaeology, civil engineering firms and other statutory and local authority bodies.  

 Specialist Knowledge:- 

                                    Working in confined spaces (conduit/sewer search techniques Royal Engineers)

                                    Forensic photography and evidence collection

                                    Rescue from crashed aircraft

                                    Handling of terrorist and explosive devises

                                    Search techniques

                                    Electronic remote sensing data collection and interpretation

                                    Handling/ collection of toxic hazardous materials

                                    Environmental impact data collection and interpretation.

                                    Archaeological site assessment and management

                                    Inter tidal and sub-tidal survey- usage of all appropriate tools

                                    Risk Assessment in Marine Environs :IOSH DRA /2006/12/21

                                    Marine Radiotelephony Certificate No. Y 116682

                                   Inshore DMT Cert No:-0026821/1590/95 Exp:30/03/2004

                                   Remote Area EMT Cert NoINT210-02037 Exp 12.01.10

                                   ALST Cert of Competence INT306-06014


Relevant Experience

 February 1996;- Recording and recovery of Admiralty Whaler from Middlesbrough dock subsequent post excavation work for Cleveland Archaeology        

April 1996;-  Archaeological assistant and general photographer Magor Pill excavation for Gwent and Glamorgan Archaeological  Trust

May 1996;-  Evaluation of Saxon Watermill site for Tyne & Wear Museums Services, compilation of report and tender for the works to be completed.

September 1996;- Pre disturbance recording of 17th/18th C vessel on Seaton Carew Beach subsequently designated as an historic wreck site photographer and  assistant supervisor for Tees Archaeology

March 1997;-Malham Tarn Evaluation of archaeological site and risk assessment for Bradford University and National Trust for Bradford University

May 1997;-  Evaluation and preliminary survey Dalton River Crossing Co Durham for Roman Bridge for Tees Archaeological Society

June 1997;-  Pre disturbance survey followed by full excavation of number of inter tidal wrecks on fore shore Mablethorpe. Site supervisor and photographer for Lincolnshire County Archaeologist                                                                        

.August 1998:- Diving  superintendent Malham Tarn Project mixed team of  professional and volunteer divers, joint project of NAS and Bradford University, Excavation Licence for National Trust/Bradford University

May 1998;-  Part time lecturer to Bradford University Archaeological Sciences Dept for forensic anthropology for Bradford University

July 1998;-  Photographic consultant to Irish Underwater Archaeological Research Trust, Co Wexford Eire for Irish Heritage

October 1998;- Birger Project ,Site director and over all project Co-ordinator, excavation and recording of 19th Century timber wreck. Redcar Beach Tees Bay for P.D.S, Tees Archaeology, Redcar & Cleveland Museum Service.

June 1999;- Consultant and diving supervisor for survey of submerged forest and landscape Bray, Eire for Irish Heritage

October 1999 - June 2000;- Design consultant and main contractor for civil engineering project  Hartlepool Historical Quay, ‘Kittiwake Project’ design and installation of live time video monitored and through water communication facility for training of archaeological & scientific divers.

April 2001- 2003: Assistant Training Officer and diving superintendent for NAS Scotland Contractual work responsible for training of divers/archaeologists, supervising, setting up the centre as an SSI Training School, providing  recreational training from entry level through to leadership qualifications, and specialist training courses to both recreational and professional divers.

 April 2002:- Diving contractor for all diving/archaeological projects for NAS and associated works.

May 2002 :- Contractor and diving superintendent for Kinlochbervie Project on behalf of Historic Scotland, survey and limited excavation of 16th/17th C wreck far North West of Scotland.

September 2002:- Contractor and diving superintendent for Filey Bay Project, project run in conjunction with National Geographic of America and the United States Department of the Interior to ascertain whether a wreck situated in that bay is the wreck of the Bonhomme Richard (BHR).

Jan – Oct 2003 :- Training and management of archaeological projects within Scottish region.

July-August 2003:- Continuing project BHR Filey Bay , full surface supplied team working on site 24hrs per day from moored DSV , to obtain record of structure for comparison. Report…Pritchard P. Filey Bay Wreck ,Archaeological Evaluation. Pritchard Diving Services UK. Scotland

November 2003:- Contract for Historic Wreck Sites Sound of Mull with Wessex Archaeology on behalf of Historic Scotland. EH

Feb 2004:- Consultant marine archaeologist & contractor proposed development P&O Ferry terminal Stranraer: in consultation with naval architects with regard to hull design v’s littoral topography for access to proposed berth for high speed ferry, data collection for mitigation to sea bed.

April 2004:- Consultant marine archaeologist & contractor Dunoon ferry terminal. Survey by remote sensing, sidescan, bathymetry target acquisition and investigation by diver intervention.

May 2004:-  Consultant to HM Coastguard into recreational diving accidents.

June 2004:-  Survey and project S. S. Thesis Sound of Mull, long term project for recording of late 19thC wreck, environmental and structural monitoring by linear measurements of hull and NDT methodologies.

July 2004:-  Project contractor Filey Bay BHR .Supervision of mutli-national team on continued survey of vessel believed to be  Bonhomme Richard.

August 2004:-   Shetlands survey wrecks ,investigation into wrecks of MTB’s in Bressay Sound, resulting in establishing location , recording (due to archaeological/historical significance) and disposal of associated ordnance from vessel for  Lerwick Port Authority

January  2005:- Forensic examination Lake Coniston, request from Crown Court Judge presiding at murder trial that  forensic underwater evidence provided by the prosecution be audited by an independent team and similarly obtained evidence be obtained. Manchester Crown Court

Jan/Feb 2005:- Consultant/site director Archaeological survey Lerwick Harbour,Dales Voe and Sumbrugh airport extension, Shetland. Full suite of remote sensing acoustic and seismic surveys completed at above locations on site and real time interpretation of data for target acquisition leading to diver ‘ground truthing’ and interpretation.

Aug/Sept 2005:- Archaeological Survey Out Skerries, Shetland. Diver based assessment to be made of Historic Wrecksites at above location in conjunction with Wessex Archaeology as Protection of Wreck Act contractors, on behalf of Historic Scotland and the Dutch government. Compilation of report and tender for works to be completed.

 Oct 2006:- Environmental impact investigation on behalf of the European Court, Firth of Lorn; as a result of a complaint made against a statutory body, environmental data along with nondisclosed control samples were taken and interpreted for use in an international court case. Diver and remote sampling methodologies were used.

 Feb 2006:- Campbeltown outfall assessment; bathymetric, acoustic and seismic data was acquired, by means of remote sensing, diver video and interpretation was used to provide visual evidence for engineering consultants and an environmental impact survey, including a stand alone archaeological survey for Scottish Water

March 2006:- Lismore power cable survey; survey to predetermine most appropriate route for submerged power line taking into consideration, littoral obstructions, gradients, megaripples and deeps. Data retrieval by remote sensing and diver videography for Scottish Power

 May 2006:- North Uist 18thC shipwreck survey, physical survey of unrecorded wrecksite consisting of large wooden wreck and dispersed cargo. Interim publication pending

Aug 2006:- Norse Celtic fishtrap survey, Unst; rock feature in bay of Ueaysound, recorded and researched using divers and standard land based survey techniques..Final publication pending

 Sept 2006:- Loch Awe crannog investigation: An established site under investigation by Nottingham University and Historic Scotland.

May 2007:- Investigation of 18th C wrecksite North Uist

June 2007:- Investigated and recorded new crannog site mainland Orkney

July 2007:- Continued investigation of Filey Bay Wrecksite believed to be the 18thC raider the Bonhomme Richard

  Additional Experience

Formerly C.I.T.B. approved Plant operators(now CPCS) safety awareness course. Expires Dec 2008

Registered  plant operators- 180 degrees backhoe/ loaders and excavators below/ above 5 Tonnes No;- 008034471/1

Experience in use of hydraulic and pneumatic tools, compressors, water pumps etc.

Usage of slings and rigging and many hand tools.

Installation of geotextile envelopes, grouting techniques, plinths and shuttering.

Remote sensing survey, acoustic and seismic, interpretation of same.

Digital photography & videography, with I.T Applications

Station Officer and Sector Trainer H.M Coastguard

AWARDS:-  Winner of the IIDC Archaeological and Scientific Projects Award presented at  Oceanology International 2004, Nomination for the Thistle Award 2004.

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