The Battle of Flamborough Head in Filey Bay


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Dr David Pendleton.  James Hodgson Donald G Shomette

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 Filey Bay 1779 Profiles

On this page we welcome our partners and include some information about their work, this page is under construction.


  Donald G Shomette is featured elsewhere on this site, however as the principle researcher of the Battle of Flamborough head, he has worked closely with us over the past few years, and provided valuable information to us in the from of his own investigation into the circumstances leading up to, and including the Battle..  As an underwater archaeologist he has been involved in many ground breaking projects and as well as a prolific lecturer, he is an accomplished award winning author of American History who has written his own books on maritime archaeological subjects and for prestigious publications. Don is also the Honorary President of Filey Bay 1779.

 Some of his achievements are:

The first underwater survey of an entire riverine system in America    
The first systematic use of robotic technology for underwater archaeology     
The survey of the largest fleet of shipwrecks in one place     

The survey of the oldest shipwreck fleet in America discovery of the earliest Euro-American small craft wreck in the U.S. and co-founder of the Mallows Bay-Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary, the first public historic preserve in Maryland.


  Anthony Green April 2021.