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Filey Town Council
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Filey Bay Initiative

Tourism Consultants: Cultural Resources Management, Dunkirk, Maryland, USA.

"Rugged cliffs dashed by relentless seas, brimming with stories and legends with breathtaking views, fresh breezes and exhilarating walks make this heritage coast a must" -  Filey Bay is "John Paul Jones Country"

The Tourism Minister Janet Anderson MP visited Scarborough on January 2001 to reverse the decline of tourism on this coast.  'A rethink is decided on the traditional seaside holiday' she said and she advised  to 'cash in on cultural strengths'.  This was a polite way of saying 'get on your bike' and The  Filey Bay Initiative took this advice on board wholeheartedly to research and develop new tourism products for the Town and wider Yorkshire. The Filey John Paul Jones Heritage Coast is a classic example of a community getting off its backside and developing something to improve itself.  This work - all completed by volunteers,  is an on going project and  a testimony to their passion and commitment to their community.

It is over thirty two years since the discovery of the wooden wreck in Filey Bay conjectured to be the famed Bonhomme Richard.  In a brand new exclusive initiative to mark this occasion, the Filey Bay Initiative have launched the Filey John Paul Jones Heritage Coast, to compliment the Filey Heritage Area, the first of its kind in Yorkshire.

This Heritage Coast celebrates the brave action of Captain Pearson of HMS Serapis and Commodore John Paul Jones of the American Continental Navy who fought a brilliant action at sea of classic proportions, all within the environs of Filey Bay. The battle has fascinated people for generations and is an important part of history that is embedded into the fabric of the maritime history of Filey Bay.

The Filey Bay John Paul Jones Heritage Coast  is complementary to the Filey Town Council’s Cultural links with  Calvert County USA, (home of John Paul Jones) and has the involvement of Filey’s Chamber of Trade. The Initiative are seeking to create a high quality 21st Century visitor experience from our heritage landscape, by increasing the economic value of our special high quality landscape, promoting our rich heritage, attracting new investment, greater visitor numbers, promoting the educational content of the area and increasing the profile of Filey, the Bay and the wider Yorkshire.

This is an  community and educational project and raises the awareness of Filey and promotes the town and its environs.  It focuses on aspects of our beautiful coast and its heritage and also provides additional information to visitors to Filey and adds flavour to their visit.  You can take a holiday in sight of the famous battle by clicking on to this link

Latest News

It  was reported in the Filey and Hunmanby Mercury, Saturday 20 June 2009 that a bid to extend the North Yorkshires Heritage Coast to Filey and beyond is to go before senior Scarborough councillors shortly. 

One of the key features of the Filey coast is its unique geological importance as well as its obvious natural beauty.  The scheme is now administered by Natural England, following the amalgamation of the Countryside Agency and English Nature. 

The decision has been welcomed by the then Filey Mayor Councillor Marion Wright and Councillor Aileen Newbury, Chair of the Filey Bay Initiative

Why a Heritage Coast and where is it?

The Filey Bay Initiative  has already hosted overseas visitors regarding the famous battle and with the benefit of a thirty year research programme with the Filey Underwater Research Unit, we  host a number of presentations for tourist groups  and educational presentations for residents and visitors marketed under the Bonhomme Richard Enterprise. Please contact the Filey Bay Initiative for details of prices.

The Filey's  John Paul Jones Heritage Coast Initiative is being progressed with the assistance of, or links with the following organisations and groups:

The Filey Bay initiative
The Filey Underwater Research Unit
The Filey Town Council and Filey’s Cultural Link with Calvert County, USA
The Filey Chamber of Trade
The Filey Museum
The Crimlisk Fisher Archives
The Filey Lifeboat

The Filey Bay Initiative has a partnership or links with:

                        National Geographical Magazine
                        Submerged Cultural Resources Unit of the American National Parks Service
                        Donald G Shomette of Cultural Resources, Maryland
                        English Heritage
                        Pritchard Diving Services
                        York Archaeological Trust
                        John Paul Jones Birthplace Museum Trust, Kirkbean, Dumfries
                        Elite Truck Bodies
                        Lee Norgate’s Shoreline Wreck Survey Group
                        The East Coast Aircraft Research Group
                        The Filey Brigg (Spittals) Group                       
                        Filey’s Jurassic Coast
                        BNT Productions of Leeds

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Coastal News

The new search for the Bonhomme Richard off Filey's John Paul Jones Heritage Coast.

 Filey is the home of the longest running search for the Bonhomme Richard and The Filey Bay Initiative has concluded the 2008 investigation of the wooden wreck in Filey Bay under the direction of renowned underwater Archaeologist Peter Pritchard of Pritchard Diving Services.  A report on this year's proceedings has been prepared.

The Ocean Technology Foundation (OTF) has also conducted an  offshore search for John Paul Jones’s famous warship with Dr Robert Neyland as its principle investigator.  Dr Neyland, who is synonymous with the raising of the American Confederate submarine the Hunley, has asked the Filey Bay Initiative for assistance and we have been pleased to give them our offshore file.

 FBI met Dr Neyland and OTF's Project Manager Melissa Ryan in Filey in 2006 and after a fruitful discussion, FBI has been made an Affiliate Member of OTF.  OTF have now concluded their own work for 2008.

 The Filey Bay Initiative wishes the Offshore Technology foundation the best of luck in their venture and recommend that you visit  their web for further information

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