"The Lord Ernlie"

2nd March 1937

In the early hours of Wednesday 2nd March the Flamborough Lifeboat was launched to the rescue of the Grimsby trawler, Lord Ernlie, which went ashore between Speeton & Flamborough in dense fog.

 Messages sent out by the vessel were picked up by Bridlington owners of short-wave radio sets. At the time the Lord Ernlie ran aground it was low tide and standing by a short distance away from another trawler, the Welbeck. The thick fog completely obscured Flamborough Head and the dangerous cliffs which skirt the coast at Speeton & Bempton, and a considerable time elapsed before the lifeboat succeeded in locating the Lord Ernlie.

 For a long time after it became known that the vessel had grounded S.O.S. messages were received indicating that she had been badly damaged. One message received from the vessel indicated that it had a bad list. The after-deck was under water and the hatches were smashed in. Her boat had been washed away. The crew of sixteen were rescued by Bridlington Lifeboat shortly before 3 a.m. When only one of the crew had been rescued, the breeches buoy line snapped and the rest of them had to undertake the jump into the lifeboat below. A message from the Lord Ernlie received by the Scarborough Lifeboat read “ Boat`s side well under water, Dynamo conking out and boiler burst. Also middle deck fallen in”. “Please send us assistance quick. Have burnt all the crew's clothes with sending flares, and I am standing in my shirt. My other clothes have burned.”


The wreck lies on the end of the chalk outcrop known as “Staple Newk”.

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