The Mulberry Harbour

With the “Tynemouth” behind you the Gulls and Gannets wheel and turn above your head, leaping from the white cliffs, calling incessantly. Hugging the cliff edge, the next remains to be seen are those of a “ Mulberry Harbour” caisson, which was being towed, to be used on the D-Day landings of 6th June 1944. The concrete “caisson” must have broken its tether during rough seas, to become another casualty on the rocky shoreline.


  The twisted re-enforcing wire tangled against the cliff



The concrete outer casing of this gigantic floating barge has long disappeared becoming a victim of the rough seas. Only the tangled remains of the inner re-enforcing wire remain scattered on this part of the shore. The main pile of remains can be seen at Gps Ref: TA 187 - 750

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