"Submarine G3"

December 1921

A submarine was observed adrift about eight miles east of Scarborough in early December 1921 well within sight of the North Bay. It was the former British Naval submarine G3, which had been taken out of commission, and was being towed north to be broken up for scrap. It was assumed that the sub had broken its tether, which would explain why she was adrift.

 A strong easterly gale prevailed, which moderated slightly, and a plan was made to salve the vessel in the late afternoon when the tide permitted, using the trawler Renaissance.

This plan appeared to be very problematical and it appeared likely that the submarine would have to be left to drift onto the rocky coast to the north of Scarborough. No crew were believed to be on board.

 On the 9th December 1921 the Scarborough Evening News printed a photograph of the stricken submarine, which had come ashore at Scalby Mills, north of Scarborough.

Whilst at Scalby Mills the vessel caused much local interest and at Scarborough Children's Court a young boy appeared accused of having a brass screw in his possession from the submarine. The case had been brought to court because of a number of complaints received of people looting from the wreck by the Chief Constable. The boy was made to see that what he had done was wrong and was fined 1 shilling to be paid toward court costs.

The submarine at some point after the 9th December broke free from the shore and drifted back out to sea. The 187 foot long, 693 ton goliath, then drifted south missing the headlands at Scarborough's South Bay and Filey Brigg. It eventually ran aground under Buckton cliffs, going in bow first.

A local man bought the salvage rights to the vessel and the wreck was taken apart for scrap. Lumps of the hulk were lifted up the sheer cliffs using ropes and pulleys, the salvers using rope ladders for access.

The wreck lies at Gps Ref: TA 171 750 under the steep white cliffs at Buckton. The remains of @ 60 feet of the base of the hull remain along with the two diesel engines and their drive gear.

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