"The Tynemouth"

12th April 1902

A sad calamity occurred at the foot of Bempton cliffs, between Filey & Flamborough, sometime during the night of Saturday 12th April. A steam trawler ran onto the rocks in the dense fog which hung over the sea, and became a total wreck so rapidly that to all

Appearances every member of the crew met his doom, almost within a stones throw of land. This calamity furnishes another addition to the many instances, which might be recorded of the inshore dangers of the neighbourhood of Speeton cliffs. The trawler

Involved in this incident was the Tynemouth, owned by Hagerup, Doughty, & Co. of Grimsby.

 Exactly what time the Tynemouth met her doom cannot be accurately stated. It is only safe to say that the trawler went on the rocks on between 8 p.m. on the night of Saturday 12th and 7 a.m. on the morning of Sunday 13th. A Filey Coble, which put in on the Saturday night reported having seen a trawler pass dangerously near to Filey Brigg, so near that local fishermen feared that the vessel would have run aground. However the vessel cleared the Brigg , and it was generally thought that this was the trawler that went ashore near Bempton.

 It was not before Noon on the Sunday that the disaster, which had occurred, was discovered. The Coastguard at Bempton at once reported the stranding by telephone to the Coastguard and Lifeboat house at Filey. The Filey Lifeboat was launched in a record fifteen minutes and made for the scene of the tragedy, with its crew of eighteen men doubling up on the oars. As the lifeboat got to the scene the vessel was mostly under water, lying broadside with its decks burst open and its boiler partly out of its hole.

The lifeboat searched the immediate area of the wrecking for two hours but found no bodies. As the tide came in bodies were washed ashore and were assumed to have come from within the vessel.  Cliff ladders were let down by the Coastguard but were found to be too short to reach the bottom, being 240 feet long, short by 60 feet. One body was recovered having been washed up on the rocks at the scene a day later. On the Filey Lifeboats return to station her crew picked up the boom of a trawler with a pair of  trousers attached.

 The wreck lies at Gps Ref: TA 184 747 under the steep cliffs at Bempton, her large steam boiler, running gear, and reciprocating engine lying testament to the disaster

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