The Survey

 Our survey of shipwrecks visible from the shore came about after regular beachcombing trips, from Reighton Sands to the corner at Speeton where the beach finishes. We have

occasionally found pieces of aluminium relating to aircraft lost in Filey Bay during the Second World war, aviation being our main field of interest. We took it upon ourselves to photograph and take note of all man made anomalies in this area in the hope that this information would help others with research. As a result this document together with one regarding Aircraft Crashes in our area is being placed in The Filey Archive, Filey Museum, Filey and Scarborough Libraries.

Anyone wishing to follow our survey route in order to see the shipwrecks is advised to take great care. Our survey took 10 hours and the tide was watched with great care.

You need to be reasonably fit and wear a stout pair of walking boots, take a wristwatch, mobile phone if possible, a drink, a tide table is essential (available from the Evron Centre, Filey), and use common sense. Keep looking back to check the tide and watch the time.


It is also very important not to try and rush as the terrain can be slippery, especially after a high tide when the rocks are particularly wet and can be covered in algae at certain times of the year. If possible take a camera and pair of binoculars, which will prove their worth especially with the abundance of wildlife and seabirds which inhabit this stretch of coastline. Common Seal, Porpoise, Gulls, Gannets, Razorbills, and many other species can be seen.


We would like to thank “ The Filey Archive” and “ Filey Museum” for allowing us to reproduce original photographs from their collections. Thanks also to Mr. Chris Coleman of Speeton for his local knowledge of the wrecks and his encouragement.


Photographs from this survey can also be viewed on the Internet at the following address:

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