Mel Whittaker

Mel Whittaker, Artist, Engraver and Watercolourist 

Mel Whittaker was borne in York in 1941, moving at an early age to Scarborough where he was soon enthralled by his coastal surroundings. In his early paintings, watercolour and drawings were the medium used to  capture sea sand and sky whilst portraits were executed in oils, in fact his first successes in youth exhibitions were portraits.

Entering the world of printing he soon became increasingly interested in etching and engraving on traditional and new materials and has used his techniques throughout his arts career.

Mel takes his inspiration from the wild North Sea and the hardy fishermen who launch out from the open shore and work their gear in the ubiquitous Yorkshire Coble off the North East coast of England.  These last frontiersmen and their boats provide a rich social history with a legacy that extends as far back as Viking times and this is reflected in Mel's work which depicts their working life and their spiritual link with their forebears.  He also has a great affinity for the rich maritime wild life on this coast and reflects these and the moods of the weather in his wide range of popular artwork which attracts interest from far and wide.


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