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Nobody programmes sites by hand any more....

Oh yes, they do - this one started off as a hand built site as an exercise in internet technologies in May 2000 and is gradually being replaced and expanded by the use of FrontPage 2000. As well as being used for educational development it is (hopefully) providing some interesting information about Filey and the surrounding area so that visitors to this site can obtain some benefit from it.  The central principle of this site is to promote Filey and its area to as wide an audience as possible

Although others have followed on with this theme (and we wish them well) this site first appeared in May 2000 in text only and now in its current presentation and will be continually added to and expanded as time goes by. We are not in competition with other locally related sites and welcome any new developments that support our area, to this end a Web site review page has been added so please visit other sites relating to Filey to find out more about our beautiful area.  In addition to this, as well as reporting on  activities that are sometimes both exclusive and important to the Town, the site will provide a historical record of these activities.

In 2005, the site has move from free hosting and has expanded into as a positive promotion tool for Filey and the community.  The Webmaster wishes to thank the Filey I T Centre and, in particular Paul Nash as without his assistance it would not have been possible to produce this site.

If we have inadvertently infringed any copyrights in the production of this site, please advise the Webmaster immediately.

Webmaster Awards

Students at Filey's I T Centre celebrated the completion of the first sixteen week Webmaster course that was run at the Evron Centre  in John Street, Filey by tutor Paul Nash.  During the course, the students who were from all walks of life and various organisations and businesses had designed websites full of interesting facts about the Town and Paul said that he was "astonished at the range and quality of the websites produced".

They were presented with their Certificates by the assistant principle of the Yorkshire Coast College, Howard Newton who stated that "the college guarantees a continuing commitment in providing the people of Filey and surrounding areas, with modern I T Learning opportunities".  We at fileybay are ever grateful to any organisation that is prepared to back our community and provide the wherewithal to enable it to grow in strength and prosperity.

The College had good reason to celebrate as well as thousands of pounds worth of new  I T equipment had just been installed and  the students were fortunate to have Paul as the tutor as he worked hard on their behalf and provided a lot of out of hours work and advice for them.  Unfortunately, the IT centre in Filey has now closed and enquirers are directed to the Yorkshire Coast College at Scarborough.

Paul Nash at work in the Centre's well equipped classroom

Barry Robson, the infamous Webmaster of gets to grips with writing rude things about


A visiting team of boffins from IBM celebrate the successful discovery of a Website after a two month Long Range Operational Search of the Internet, blissfully unaware of the dozens of sites around them that have been constructed by the students - should you tell them or should I?

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