The Filey Bay Research Group

This page is also dedicated to top Skipper Traff Cammish in recognition of his investigations into the hidden mysteries of our history and culture.

Post holes on Filey Brigg

An example of the odd and unusual subjects that have cropped up is shown here, local historian Peter Harper has been on the track of some cut post holes that are present in the rock bed on Filey Brigg.

The Filey Brigg has been used as a source of building material for many centuries and during the medieval period the stone was extensively quarried to supply the demand for the building of religious buildings.  Herein lies the quandary about the origin of the Spittal Rocks or Roman Harbour as it is known.  These post holes are conjectured to the for the Sheer legs of a set of Lewis for the handling of the quarried stone, but are they also an early boat landing stage?

Here, Peter shows off two of the holes that are buried under bladder wrack and the Initiative is to measure and record these for archaeologist John Buglass is to try and solve the mystery.

In addition there are, what is believed to be Post holes cut into the level rock above Emperors Pool at the back of Filey Brigg that require surveying.



Two holes in a line


Timber in one hole

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