A scientific venture is taking place in File, run by enthusiastic volunteer experts in the Marine Environment and Palaeontology for the benefit of young people and funding for this for two years was obtained from the Children's Fund. The Project was originally set through the Filey Coble Preservation Society and partners funding for a two year period was obtained from the Children's Fund.  The continued success of the Rocks And Fossils has been outstanding.

The Rocks and Fossils programme is run by Bob Briggs, Chris Robinson, Catherine Welsh and Phil Jepson and takes place both on shore and off shore in the locality of Filey and is very popular.  The venture  incorporates the restored coble Yorkshire Margaret and sea trips on this and another suitable vessel are undertaken as part of the courseThe activities are supervised at all times and the students are assured of a rewarding experience while learning more about their environment. 

Students have the opportunity to undertake field trips on the Filey Brigg, where the flora and fauna are studied, take part in marine sampling with Chris Robinson and Bob Briggs on the coble Margaret take part in class room studies where samples are investigated and preserved.  Below is a gallery showing the activities of the students and the range of experiences that they can take part in as an interactive group.

Bob Brigs, Marine Biologist
with a group on Filey Brigg
Searching for fossils in Filey Look at this one Catherine Marine plant life on Spittals
On Spittal rocks Spittals again Yuk! worms Some of our finds


These next pictures show Bob and Chris at work marine sampling from the Margaret with a Plankton trawl.

The Plankton trawl deployed Bob and Chris hauling the trawl .......and saving the catch Phil, Catherine, Chris and Bob

Off shore studies and onshore work with the students

Examining samples at sea A closer look Examining Plankton samples Examining samples on the screen
Preparing seaweed for pressing Bob Briggs in class
with Plankton samples
Rocks and Fossils 2006 A real sea monster, the recently
discovered plesiosaur with Nigel Armstrong, the finder.
Picture  Courtesy of Scarborough Museums and Art Galleries

The Plesiosaur was found by Neil Armstrong while walking on the beach in the famous Kimmeridge clay,   Will Watts from the Rotunda Museum was contacted and the specimen is undergoing preservation at this time.

The Rocks and Fossils programme will be running next year from Easter and further information can be found on www.fileybay.com and the Filey Tourism Information Centre and website links