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   Following on from Filey Town Councillor John Haxby’s landmark speech, another milestone was reached at the meeting of the Council on 7 October 2011. 

   Concerns were raised at public question time about the lack of expenditure in Filey by Scarborough Borough Council Clown Hall, while seemingly grandiose schemes were being implemented in Scarborough.  Once again, the vociferous minority have a nasty habit of turning up like the proverbial bad penny and asking the most awkward of questions.

   In response to this and to items already scheduled in the Agenda, Cllr Haxby once again vigorously slated the borough’s disregard for Filey.  In defence of the town, he  further proposed that Filey Town Council deplore the borough’s Capital expenditure on the Scarborough Mere, Weaponess, the swimming Pool and the £500.000 overspend on the Spa (to name but a few).  He sees no end to this continual expenditure in Scarborough at the expense of the taxpayers of Filey.  Although the word ‘scandalous’ was not used, perhaps it can be cited to reflect the tone of the deliverence.

   On this theme, he reminded the meeting that he had continually taken on the borough in regard to this expenditure, and to date he had been a lone voice.  At this point, not only were our newly elected members awake, but they were on the ball and joined the rest of the members in a unanimous vote of support for Cllr Haxby.  With a whiff of gunpowder in the air, the ‘Greybeards’ in the chamber rattled their sabres while it was further proposed that discussions on this theme be taken up with Whitby Council.  Our colleagues to the north have long fought the Clown Hall over expenditure and mount a vigorous, if not incisive campaign on the matter.  It was felt that a union with Whitby would serve as a powerful voice that would be heard.

   Cllr Haxby also took the view that there had been no response from the local business representatives on this subject, and that this was required to put a strong case forward.

   Without losing sight of the ball, the meeting then descended (or ascended) into a degree of black humour as the results of the informal liaison meeting between the SBC Chief Executive from the Clown Hall and the Filey Town Council (FTC) were reported.  The Clown Hall team was headed by the Chief Executive, the Leader of the Council and one other.  The general observation by FTC members was that the three officers were not up to job (really? There’s a surprise) and certainly did not have a grasp of the questions put to them.  Perhaps the most telling observations came from the newly elected members who had been there for the first time, to be inducted into the sometimes mysterious practices of the borough.   As sensible and practical people, the impression they gained was that the opposition were somewhat at a loss at what went on.  As one of the Clown Hall team is reported to be on a six figure salary excluding the Recruitment and Retention allowance – this is lamentable.  Probably within the various mumblings that formed part of SBC’s responses, there were some pearls of wisdom, but FTC members who attended the meeting concluded that they must have been well hidden.

   Whether the Clown Hall team would report back to the relevant portfolio holders in Scarborough was open to much debate, and the jury is out on that one.

   Of course, the borough’s Capitals expenditure was raised by the FTC team, and the response was that the expenditure came out of assets sold by the borough (for the use of the borough) and as Filey had little or no assets to sell, Filey had no money to spend.  Of course it hasn’t.  The Clown Hall sold them off previously and the money was claimed by the borough for their own priorities!  So Filey loses out again, and this  was exactly the point that Cllr Haxby made to them.  Presumably there were more unintelligible mutterings in response to these double standards, but more grist to the mill for later perhaps?...



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