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9th November 2011

   This month’s meeting was a mixed package which included a submission from a Company peddling dubious Environmental benefits, but got off straightaway to a cracking start with a question from the Vociferous Minority from the outermost recesses of the Public Gallery (who was making his second guest appearance in two months).

   The question was: “It is understood that the Scarborough Evening News (SEN) had was carrying out research into the spend per head of population by the Borough.  Did anyone know of the outcome of this?”

   The SEN scribe at the rear of the room was immediately stirred into action, and although being put on the spot acquitted himself well as he advised that the Clown Hall of the Borough of Much Piddling in the Wind had been subjected to a request under the Freedom of Information Act for this information.  It came as no surprise to hear that Filey was at the bottom in project spending, at which point, the Greybeards in the room became increasingly restless.

   The truth of the SEN research fully justified the forensic accounting carried out by Cllr Haxby some time ago, the details of which were published on this site.  The figures obtained by SEN for Filey’s spend is £16 per head, compared to figures for Whitby and Scarborough spend of £80 and £95 per head.

   Having thanked the scribe for his reply, a fully vindicated Cllr Haxby (and our own Eric Bloodaxe) immediately jumped to the fore and in true fashion laced with vitriol, delivered a damning critique of the Clown Hall -  Once again the residents of Filey were being short changed, even after they pay more than the residents of Much Piddling by virtue of the Precept that is levied on them.  “We deserve more” he said “we pay more and have 8% less”.  He further suggested that borough Councillors and Ward councillors were lobbied and a link with Whitby councillors be pursued to present a united front against Much Piddling.

   The response from the Clown Hall to this enlightening piece of  SEN initiative came not from the Grand Irrelevance, or indeed Ivor the Boneless, (who bends around a lot and Order of the Purple Lupin for obfuscation)  but an ‘accountancy manager’ no less.  When it came, it was as welcome as a fungal nail infection and stated “It is worth noting that whilst the location of a facility may be on one part of the borough, this does not mean that residents who do not live in that part of the borough do not benefit or have use of the facility” In other words – “get stuffed”. Really. This somewhat arrogant reply from a junior public servant belies the truth - that Filey residents subsidise the people of Scarborough and pay more towards these facilities, maintain these facilities and have to pay to travel north to these facilities.  And what about facilities here in Filey to attract and hold the tourists who come to this town? As an example, the town is crying out for an indoor community Sports Centre or indoor all weather centre to encourage and benefit visitors to the town. What about the investment in facilities here to benefit local business, wealth creators and employers? 

   Clearly the (failed) Banana Republic of Much Piddling has no intention of supporting the people of this town, or its local economy. Also, while we have councillors who vote for major spending on the Spa to be mainly spent on air conditioning for the building (nothing to do with the structural integrity, and certainly nothing that would cause the building to ‘fall to bits’ if the work  were not done) because, (as reported) ‘The Council will face criticism if it lets this historic, iconic, building to fall to bits’,   one has to seriously question where their common sense and priorities lie, perhaps this can be addressed at the ballot box. But for now, while we have people of this ilk allegedly supporting us, we can rule out any hope of definite and tangible support for Filey.  Just the same old doctrine of spending to enhance the showcase schemes of Scarborough.  They spend, we pay.

Cllr Haxby is quite right when he calls of a Fair Deal for Filey.`

Latest... Cllr Nick Harvey of Hunmanby fears that new plans for a multi million pound youth centre in Scarborough will gobble up vital money from tax payers in the village.  (Filey and Hunmanby Mercury November 19th  2011).  Oh dear, here we go again...



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