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The vociferous minority and the sale of land

   At this point we make an observation of the public gallery that resides within the dark recesses of the rear of the forum of debate.  It is from here where past councillors, resplendent in oils and framed in Baltic pine look silently across the Great Cabin of the ship of democracy in Regal pose.  Bordering on this hinterland resides the Silent Assassin, knowledgeable of all things aqua.  Like a tunnel spider in his lair, this former Town Councillor awaits his beckoning from Methuselah in the Chair to deliver his riposte, and insert killer punches at the most inappropriate moment. 

   Within this Hall of the Valkyries, visiting officers from Much Piddling of inadequate and dubious intelligence are routinely and metaphorically disembowelled, whereupon their entrails are hung as trophies from the spears of the warriors.  The miserable ghosts of these Piddling officers forever haunt the chamber, ever in hope that their vanquished owners will return one day to reunite with them. 

      However, this repository of Sheraton mahogany with antique leather upholstery also is host to a number of members of the public, who for reasons of their own put in an appearance from time to time to grind the odd axe or two, promote their own agendas or to follow the proceedings on a monthly basis.  Amongst the incumbents of this hallowed place inhabits the Vociferous Minority, who for reasons best known to himself, (and being slightly off the wall) keeps a weather eye on our own elected members on a regular basis.  Using this as a pretext for having a free warm on the expansive Victorian radiator, and no doubt drawn by the aroma of ancient leather (and the chance to eat a pickle sandwich in the relative obscurity at the rear of the room), he occasionally makes a guest appearance by asking questions for the Greybeards to ponder upon.

   Victorian plumbing aside, on this occasion however, he provided a written enquiry to the Council, which was borne of an earlier discussion about the sale of land.  As is well known, the large housing development at Muston Road is to go ahead, even though the niceties of stuffing a million gallons of surface water down a two inch pipe in six hours have yet to be rectified.  (This is not strictly correct – but you get the gist).

   In order for housing to be built, land has to be acquired, and as this land is in the ownership of someone, profit then is factored into the equation.  On this occasion he reasoned that as this land had been, or is to be sold by the Grand Irrelevance of Much Piddling in the Wind to the contractor, then this land (or asset) was probably in the previous ownership of the Filey Urban District Council prior to the Local Government reorganisation of 1974.  This is the posh version.  The simplified version is that this asset belonged to the people of Filey before it was ‘transferred’ northwards.   

   We digress slightly, so we now move on to the written question, which is:             

       a)       In the light of the recent sale of land by Scarborough Borough
               Council for the Muston Road Development, was any of this land formerly
               in the ownership of the Urban District of Filey Prior to 1974, and
               became one of "their" assets after the this date?

       b)  If this was the case, has the money from the sale of this land been
             ring-fenced for Filey?     

   This was in turn referred to Head of Finance and Asset Management of Much Piddling, one of their more intelligent and adept officers  who stated that:  “A report is to be presented to Cabinet on 15 November recommending the sale of 4.07acres to the South of Grange Avenue, Filey”, and yes, the land was transferred in 1974, and the capital money from this sale is not ring fenced.

       Being a smart lad, he would realise where this was leading to.

   So - warming to the theme and realising that a trick could so easily be missed here, the original question to the Council was then modified to request the councillors consider getting this money from the sale of this land ring fenced for the people of Filey.

   By reference to previous piece on this site, our councillors were recently told  that expenditure came out of assets sold by the borough (for the use of the borough) and as Filey had little or no assets to sell, Filey had no money to spend.  Of course it hasn’t.  The Clown Hall sold them off previously and the money was claimed by the borough for their own priorities!  So Filey continues to lose out.   This  was exactly the point that Cllr Haxby has made to Much Piddling, and in the light of this recent revelation it will be interesting to see what happens to the proceeds of the sale of this latest asset in Filey.

    Rumour has it that it is not only are member of the general public grinding their axes for the forthcoming council meeting, but our own Eric Bloodaxe as well.  One hopes that the other members of our champions of our local democracy are doing just the same.


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