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For many years there have been vociferous complaints by Filey Town Councillors against the way that Scarborough Borough Council has repeatedly under funded Filey Town to the unfair betterment of  Scarborough. The complaints have ranged from the arrogant manner in which the borough has treated the town to the strangling of vital funding for its improvement while grandiose schemes and white elephants are seeming funded with gay abandon in Scarborough.  The Weaponess Project is just one of these.

In July 2010 this prompted a landmark public statement  by Filey Town Councillor who echoed demands from the public to formally break with the borough. This statement is as good today as it was when it was first delivered. To be fair, this criticism has been forcefully fielded on other occasions by other Town Councillors and it would be unfair to single out Councillor Haxby as being the only Councillor who has raised objections in the past.  However Councillor Haxby's presentations are a fair representation of the problems faced by Filey and include excellent researched material, so for now his presentations are included in this site.  His Landmark statement is published here in full and certainly forms the basis for a move towards Filey's independence from the Borough.

Filey Town Councillor John Haxby has served the people of Filey for many years.  He is an excellent orator who has no qualms about rigorously  pursuing the interests of Filey, leaving no one in doubt who the defaulters are.  His earlier forensic analysis of the Accounts provided by Scarborough Borough Council that proved how the town was being short changed by the Borough, is a masterpiece.  This site is borne of his hard work and inspiration on behalf of the community.

A Green

   Councillor Haxby's Landmark statement to the Filey Town Council

                                            New - The renaming of our History and Heritage February 2014

                              Coming Soon - Where will the profits go from the sale of the Filey Tennis Courts?

                                                      The Twerp Factor


                                                       Councillor Nick Harvey's resignation January 2012

                                                      The Vociferous Minority and the sale of land

                                                      Filey is the bottom of the league of Project Spending 9 November 2011

                                                      Councillor Haxby on expenditure 7 October 2011

Also - the Hunmanby Windfarm - Stan Dickinson's open letter

PM David Cameron calls for reform!

In a statement published in the Observer newspaper, Mr Cameron said:

"For too long those in power made decisions behind closed doors, released information behind a veil of jargon and denied people the power to hold them to account. This coalition is driving a wrecking ball through that culture and it's called transparency."

and, even more importantly:

"The age of centralisation stops here. For a long time we had a government whose words were "for the people" and whose actions were against them. We are determined to be different. Yes, we're going to have to change the culture of government and stand up to some powerful vested interests. But the fact is this country wants and needs this power shift so, I promise you, we will see it through."

If you are an employee of the borough and have no faith in the established internal system for reporting illegal activities of either  Officers or Councillors then you can talk to the professionals now at Crimestoppers on:

0800 555 111

All the material on this site is 2014

Book Cover  The Cullean Legacy by Anthony (McKintyre) Green

Wrecking, Salvage, Freemasons, Templars and Gold - written around the harsh
and unremitting lives of an inshore fishing community. A powder keg of greed,
betrayal with conflicting Cultures and Organisations with secrets.  

- not Scarborough Borough Council!