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When is a Rocket Post a Totem Pole?

Good question and this came up recently, for which I was supposed to know all about these things.  Suitably challenged I then went back in my notes on this subject.  For those who are unaware of this interesting item, at the North end of Filey above the Country Park there is a pole situated in a field.  From as long as I can remember, this pole had been used as a dummy ship’s mast by our Coastguard Rocket Brigade or LSA.  I can assure you that I have been around for a very long time.

 As time moved on and Cliff Rescue technology advanced, the pole fell into disuse.  But as an important piece of Social history the pole remained.  It was the Rocket Pole situated in the Rocket Field, and still is the Rocket Pole situated in the Rocket Field.  That is until a band of worthy people came along to protect the birds, wildlife and with sundry other good willed intentions.  No problem with this at all.  On they refurbishing the Pole, they fixed a sign by the cliff path correctly naming it as the Rocket Pole.  However, in their sign and map to the entrance of the Old Tip conservation area, suddenly the Rocket Pole is now called the Totem Pole which is now situated in the Totem Pole Field!

 Fast forward now to the Filey Town Council meeting of 10 July 2013, when a Specialist of the Discover Filey Group unveiled plans for developing the Filey Country Park with £22,300 up front from the Scarborough Borough Council.  From memory, during the somewhat lengthy presentation, the Specialist referred to this ‘Totem Pole’ and then referred to the Country Park as the ‘Country Car Park’.  This was then corrected by Cllr Haxby as she had totally ignored the fact that this Totem Pole had been re branded from something else,  and got the title of the Country Park wrong into the bargain.  Or perhaps she did not know.

 This is worrying.  It begs the question as to how unelected entities the town can come in to the town and suddenly take facts on face value or loosely describe them, when presumably surrounded by those who could have given advice on such  very important matters.

So, to finalise.  Having been around for longer than those who come into the town and re write its history.  The Rocket Pole IS the Rocket Pole and it has nothing in common with the Heritage of the North American Indian.  Exactly how or who was behind this ridiculous name change is not known, and why has an unelected entity arbitrarily decide to alter our historical record? I don’t remember an elected official requesting a name change.   I suggest that whoever they are, that they should take note and seek advice in future before endeavouring on an ‘Americanisation’ of our culture. 

A Green