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Stan Dickinson's open letter

I should imagine that all will support various means of renewable energy but I believe massive wind turbines which are being built or proposed nationwide are not the answer. There are over 120 groups of people throughout the country who oppose them. They can not all be wrong. Wind turbines are far from efficient on average about 30% and some as low as 8%. (Times on Line newspaper 01.04.2010)  There is also the health hazard. A Lincolnshire farmer and his wife had to move house because they could not stand the excessive pulsing beat of the turbines. They resorted to sleeping tablets and wine to try and get to sleep but to no avail.

 The matter has been taken to the High Court and are suing the owners/operators of the wind farm but also the land owner for damages up to 2.5 million. (Source BBC News Lincolnshire 06.07.2011).  There are 74 wind turbines proposed  in Lisset (12 - in operation), Carnaby (2 - approved), Fraisthorpe (11), Thornholme (9), Lowthorpe - 14), Burton Agnes (12) and Hunmanby (14).  On the 26th January 2011 Banks Renewables (Southdale Wind Farm Ltd) submitted an application to Scarborough Borough Council for Planning Permission to erect an 80 metre high cable stayed wind motoring mast on land to the south of Field House Farm, Hunmanby. After careful consideration the application was refused (Ref: Decision No. 11/00132/FL 12.05.2011) for sound reasons namely the spoiling of visual amenity from the edge of Hunmanby, Hunmanby Conservation area, the Wolds Escarpment, the Wolds Way and the Wolds Dip Slope. It would also contravene Saved Policies E1, E27 and E35 of the Adopted Scarborough Council  Local Plan. I now turn to a document written by Dr. John Etherington called The Case Against Wind Farms. He is a professional environmental scientist, formerly Reader in Ecology at the University of Wales. It is freely available for reproduction or other use providing it is acknowledged. He states "that an aerofoil blade the length of a jumbo jets wing travelling at 150 mph inevitably makes a considerable sound. The air passing through the rotor is swept into turbulent vortices, the source of much of the sound, and within a few feet encounters the obstruction of the tower and as a blade passes the tower every one to two seconds this imposes a pulsating quality to the aerodynamic sound which many people frond deeply irritating".

 Hawkes Bay Today (New Zealand) 18.02.2006 supports Dr. Etherington's findings. They say "it defeats double glazing and earplugs, coming up through the ground, or through floors of houses, manifesting itself as a ripple up the spine, a thump on the chest or a throbbing in the ears. Those who feel it say it is particularly bad at night. It wakes them up or stops them getting to sleep. (The farmer and his wife above) A report from Keel University on infra-sound (Styles et al 2005) also supports the noise that is emitted. There are other reports ie. Wind Farms make people sick who live up to a mile away (Daily Telegraph 25.01.2004),  ETSU-R-97 - Why is is wrong (Dick Bowdler July 2005) and Location Location Location (Noise Association 2006).  There is also the question of harm to wild life and farm animals. Geese and swans have been killed by the rotor blades which have been reported nationally in the newspapers. In the Telegraph (10.08.2001) there was a headline "Wind turbines 'killed goats' by depriving them of sleep". It is believed that a healthy flock of 400 goats on a nearby farm began dying when wind turbines began operating on a island in the Taiwan Strait. I began investigating this subject and it was a world wide problem including New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Israel, a Baltic Country, Canada, America, South America and here in the UK (Wales). In each case it effected goats and is currently  being scientifically  investigated.. Taiwan Power has promised to compensate their farmers if it proved that they are at fault. Feel free to pass this e-mail on.

 Finally, there is the enormous cost involved. The electricity a turbine produces costs more than that from a conventional power station due to subsidies being given to Wind Farm Owners and the owners of the land (10,000 per turbine per year to the land owner) and considerably more to the owners of the turbine. Every household in the country is paying for this via their energy supplier. Further more in May of this year the National Grid ordered nine turbines in Scotland shut down for a period and as a result they compensated the owners a total of 2,612,156!!

 Stan Dickinson,