The Wreck of the Cypris

The wreck of the Cypris

The "Cypris" at low water.

Although the wreck of the Cypris is not in Filey Bay we thought that the mishap was worth a mention on this site.

This twin engined motor yacht , registered in Road Harbour was driven ashore on the Plage des Canabiers    on the Cote d'Azur, South of France and came to the attention of a member of The Filey Bay Initiative (FBI) on 24th March 2002.  Apparently, she had been driven ashore in a recent storm and was secured and abandoned for whatever reason.  An external survey by FBI discovered that although the vessel was ashore on a steeply shelving beach, she appeared to be in good condition and could have been recovered for approximately  8% of her value .  At the top of the tide the Cypris was buoyant and with three days remaining to the top of the tides and with the offshore wind it was determined that the vessel could be salvaged and returned to harbour under her own power.

A salvage plan was prepared by FBI and costed out but it was not possible to get in contact with the Agent or owner, indeed there was no interest in the vessel at all and it was not possible to action the salvage plan.  The three days passed and with it the opportunity to recover the vessel with the minimum of cost.  She was observed on the beach for the following fortnight during which time she slowly settled over until her deck vents were below the water level and she filled with water. The Cypris was still on the beach when FBI left.

A timely reminder to all owners who leave their vessel's unattended - Stick your telephone number in the wheelhouse before you leave.

The Cypris starts to heel over The cypris taking on water

Later photograph of the "Cypris showing the increased heel.

By now, the heel was such that she was taking on water

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