The steam trawler "James Lay"

The James lay aground on Filey Brigg

The James Lay a steam trawler registered in London and went ashore on the south side of Filey Brigg 8 am on the 12th January 1932 in thick fog with a smooth sea. Five Filey cobles remained with the vessel all day and attempts were made to refloat her at 7:30 pm without success and the crew remained aboard.

Soon after 9 pm the crew sent distress signals and signalled to the Coastguard for the Lifeboat to attend after a southerly gale sprang up. When the Lifeboat, The Hollon the Third reached the vessel, the crew had abandoned her and walked to Filey by the sands! The only other incident occurred when the the Lifeboat launched and the tractor stopped when they pushed it into the sea and the boat had to be pulled off the carriage by hand. 

13th January 1932 saw the second incident with the James Lay when one Councillor Jenkinson was returning from putting long lines into the sea and saw the James Lay afloat with men on board, he tried to get to the vessel with his coble but the sea was too rough. He came ashore for the Lifeboat as the James Lay was moving. The James Lay had two crew on board and three youths and they were brought ashore by the Lifeboat. The record merely states that “The James Lay got off this morning and went to Hull" and a note from the Honorary Secretary to the Lifeboat Institution requested: “Does Councillor Jenkinson get anything for bringing message?” 

There was another incident on the sands while the Lifeboat was at sea, a coble being pushed down the Coble Landing rammed the tractor causing damage to the engine cover and the off side light. An indignant Honorary Secretary stated that the owner of the coble Mr J Hunter should be made to pay for the damage, it is not known if the unfortunate Mr Hunter was ever made to pay for this accident.

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