The wreck of the "Lyng"

The Wreck of the Lyng , (with onlookers)

The 649 ton Norwegian steamer Lyng came to grief on the north side of Filey Brigg at 2:30 a.m. on 30th January 1928 in a slight haze.  At the time she was under the command of Captain Ola Johnasen, Horton, Norway with a cargo of herring from Flora to Hull.  the crew of 14 got off safely and within a few days the vessel broke her back and became a total loss.  The cargo of herring was a great delight to the local people and so was the timber from the boxes.

The story goes that the Captain was a member of the Plymouth Brethren and was taken in by a local member of the Order at the time.  When he departed he gave his host an aneroid barometer upon the back of which he inscribed;

SS Lyng ashore Filey Brigg Jan 30 1928 2:30 am

Capt O K Johansen Horton Norway  

The barometer is in the possession of the Webmaster and the writing is just discernable, sadly after 90 years the barometer  is no longer working. An enquiry was made at Horton in Norway in recent times but no one was able to give any information about the Lyng or the unfortunate Captain Johansen.

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