The Grimsby trawler "Pelican"

The Steam Trawler Pelican (Photo: unknown)

The Pelican was owned by he St Andrew's Steam Trawling Company of Hull and was returning from a fishing trip to the Farne Islands when she came ashore at the foot of Speeton cliffs and became a total loss on 30th December 1909.

The Flamborough No 1 Lifeboat launched at 06:00 and found her hull under in broken water and the crew of nine hands clinging to the rigging.  The Coxswain skilfully  rescued the men by backing his boat in stern first and by means of a line, hauled them aboard one by one.  At the time of the Service the wind was moderate but there was a heavy sea running due to a gale on the previous day and the Lifeboat returned at 10:30.

The Service was a very smart piece of work and considered locally to have been one of the best Services done on that coast.

The Filey Lifeboat also launched at 05:48 and stood by while the rescue took place and returned at 10:00.  It is worthy of note that while the Flamborough Lifeboat was one of the newer motor powered vessels, Filey's Lifeboat was powered by sail and oar.

By way of interest, the records state the manpower required to launch and operate the Lifeboats of the day and a comparison between the staff required by the two boats in their differing locations can be seen when they are compared below.

Flamborough Lifeboat Station

13 men

22 helpers

1 Signalman

1 Engineer

Assistance 13 men

Filey Lifeboat Station

15 men

10 helpers

1 Signalman

8 horses

4 Horsemen

2 Shaftsmen

1 Head Helper


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